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Anesthesia-Free Pet Dental Care

We are happy to offer anesthesia-free dental care to dogs and cats through Pet Dental Services. Our combined vision is to provide our clients with superior oral care for their pets and to educate pet owners on the importance of dental care in the overall health of their pets.

Pet Dental Services(PDS) offers a 11-step Professional Out Patient Dental procedure (POPD), performed without the use of anesthesia, which offers pet owners an alternative method for cleaning and maintaining their pet’s teeth.

Anesthesia free dental cleanings are not for every pet, though. The ideal pet is one that is mild mannered and not head shy, with only mild tartar and gingivitis. Not all pets are good candidates for non-anesthetic procedures.

Examples of pets who would not qualify would be any pet who presents with severe arthritis, requires X-rays or extractions, is easily stressed, has undergone orthopedic or eye surgery in the last six months, and has cardiac and/or respiratory problems. Likewise, a patient with aggressive behavior would not be a good candidate for this drug-free procedure. Animals with evidence of more advanced dental disease (such as those with tooth mobility, gingival loss or recession, severe redness or stomatitis, or those with fractured teeth or resorptive lesions) are not good candidates for this type of cleaning because they require a more in depth oral examination and diagnostics that can only be done by a veterinarian with the patient under anesthesia. If your pet has periodontal disease, we strongly recommend they receive a veterinary dental cleaning under anesthesia.

Each pet is an individual and their dental health conditions are different. If the technician notices any oral pathology that would need further attention, the veterinarian is notified and we will discuss with you about dentistry under anesthesia at a later date in order to treat these issues.

Unlike a dental cleaning done under anesthesia, anesthesia-free teeth cleaning does not include bloodwork, x-rays, extractions or deep subgingival cleaning. With anesthesia-free dental, more frequent cleanings can be done on a routine basis in order to promote quality health for your pet. Non-anesthetic dental cleanings are a great way to keep bad breath at bay and prevent more serious periodontal disease from occurring.