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Veterinary Diagnostics:
Giving Pets a Leg Up

At Becker Animal Hospital, we believe in providing the best possible care to our patients. In order to achieve this, our veterinarians and staff are continually educating themselves on the latest developments in veterinary medicine.


Having these resources available on site means that we can quickly help our patients should an emergency arise. In addition, we are able to make the most of every appointment by conducting any necessary tests and obtaining the results in a timely manner, leading to a quicker diagnosis and exploration of treatment options.

Tools We Use to Care for Your Pet

Each pet has individualized health care needs that change over the course of its lifetime. While your pet may never need some of these tools, it is reassuring to know they are available, just in case.

Becker Animal Hospital is pleased to be able to provide access to these diagnostic tools for our clients. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to excellent pet care for Northfield area animals and their families!