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Pet Vaccinations:
Protecting Pets From Disease


Vaccinations play a key role in your pet’s overall wellness plan. There are many contagious diseases that can easily be spread among our furry friends and, while no vaccine is 100% effective, this simple measure is the best prevention.

As soon as a new pet comes into your life, whether it’s a puppy or kitten, a senior dog or cat, or something in between, please schedule an appointment with us. We will make sure that your newest family member’s vaccines are current in order to protect him or her, along with the other animals in your life.

Lifestyle Choices & Pet Care

When you bring your dog or cat to Becker Animal Hospital, our veterinarians and staff will take the time to speak with you and gain an understanding of your pet’s lifestyle. Does your cat live exclusively indoors, or does it go outside? Does your dog go to dog parks or the groomer or will it be boarded? The answers to these questions and others will help us to determine which vaccines are necessary for your pet.

Since puppies and kittens have different vaccination requirements, our recommendations below are for adult animals. Please visit our puppy and kitten care section for details about their vaccination needs.

Dog Vaccines

Some points to consider about both H3N2 and H3N8 vaccines:

Cat Vaccines

Vaccinations are just one component of your pet’s overall health care plan. You may also wish to visit our preventive care section to learn about the other services we offer to ensure that your pet is protected, healthy, and happy.