Halloween and Pets

Jax & Jasper

Jax & Jasper

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’ll be the first to admit that we love seeing the decorations and costumes.  However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to enjoying the holiday with our pets.  Whether you’re going out trick or treating or giving out candy at home remember that Halloween can be stressful for our pets.  Below are a few tips to remember.

Parties & Trick or Treating: The doorbell ringing, the door opening and closing, excited children, or parties with many strangers coming in and out of the house dressed in spooky costumes — all this excitement can be very stressful.  Try keeping your pet indoors and in a comfortable area where they won’t be overwhelmed.

Candy & Decorations:  Keep an eye on all candy and other Halloween treats.  Chocolate, raisins, and many sugar free sweets can be toxic to your furry friend.  Wrappers and sticks (from candy apples or lollipops) may get stuck and cause obstructions.  Your best bet is to stick with treats geared toward your pet.

Most animals enjoy the smell of pumpkins, and pumpkin itself doesn’t pose much of a threat.  However, a candle lit jack-o-lantern can be very tempting.  Cats in particular may be drawn the flickering light of a candle.

Costumes:  We all love a cute animal, but keep in mind your pet’s tolerance level.  See if your pet is okay with wearing a decorative collar or bandana.  If they’re okay with a full costume, try to keep it simple and make sure it fits properly.  If it’s too tight, it may be uncomfortable.  If too big, your pet may trip or get legs caught and then become stressed.  Also, keep an eye out for human costume accessories.  Dogs and cats may find something on your costume tempting to play with or to chew.  As reported by the Pet Poison Helpline, cats may have an affinity for chewing on glow sticks.  While not life threatening, the liquid can cause irritation, injury , pain, or severe hypersalivation.

Halloween can be fun for everyone, when we can keep in mind what is comfortable for all. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Halloween!!